KOL DODI (My Uncle’s [Lord’s] Voice): Ishay Ribo


[A rough translation]


My Uncle’s [Lord’s] voice:  here it comes is what they say

To remove all the bad and to lift us high

From the Depth of earth and to awaken those who sleep with a horn’s cheer.


My Uncle’s [Lord’s] voice here it comes:

This is the word which is spread, even infants capture  its prophecy;

So let’s welcome Him with drums,

Sing to him, cheer for him, how blessed are His people.


[With His coming] all lies disappear, all the deer of the fields

Will dance, will leap over the mountains: not for fear of the foxes or the ravine;

For from that very chasm live water flows to water the Lily of the Valley,

To raise a Temple which will put away all suffering.


My Uncle’s [Lord’s] voice is pulsing [upon us]:

Open wide my sons, it’s time for your redemption; I say

Enough of your troubles. To you, Rachel, I come promising

No more tears; you will cry no longer.


Can you not almost smell the Messiah, more than any peddler’s powder?

Hello to you. My pure Uncle [Lord] pours out your anger [your fear]

upon the rocks  – shattering. With Him

There is great mercy; no memory can contain

All His compassion.


My Uncle’s [Lord’s] voice is here… *



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